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10 Days in a Madhouse

Book/Music/Lyrics by MandaLeigh Blunt

A musical adaptation of a series of articles written by reporter Nellie Bly in 1893, recounting her experience at the Blackwell Island Insane Asylum in NYC. We follow her journey of being an undercover journalist recording the extent of the patient's insanity (or lack thereof in some cases), the horrible treatment received at the hands of the administration, and the struggle it is just being believed to be telling the truth about their experiences. Nellie's first-hand experience, her ability to say Me Too, strengthens her resolve to say Time's Up on this abuse of power, even in the face of the formidable bureaucratic system that will stop at nothing to silence her. 

Tale of the Sackman 

Book/Lyrics by MandaLeigh Blunt

Music by Kay Clark 

Tale of the Sackman is a thrilling children’s tale that follows the story of Farin, an 8 year old girl a bit “big for her britches” that longs for adventure far beyond what her mother will allow. The townspeople all know the tale of the Sackman, a mysterious being who scoops up children who don’t mind their parents, which is Farin’s fate. We venture with her into the Sackman’s secret world where she discovers the truth about the Sackman, her family, and the secret her mother has been desperate to keep.

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Captain X

Book/Music/Lyrics by MandaLeigh Blunt

Captain X is a feminist pirate musical with a celtic rock inspired score. Based on real women of history, this action-filled adventure is about women during the Golden Age of Piracy, fighting for their fair share of the world. Sword fights, double-kick drums, and belted sea shanties fill this allegorical tale of working women and how it feels trying to be seen as more than a women, a wife, a mother, a be seen as a Captain

State of Hockey, the Musical

Book/Lyrics by MandaLeigh Blunt

Music by Jeff Wildermuth

The State of Hockey is a hockey rock musical set in a financially struggling yet fiercely proud Minnesota town. When the Minnesota Muskrats are suddenly sold and moved to New Mexico, Gunnar, the son of a late/great local hockey hero, rallies his community together to fight the sale, using hashtags as their weapon. But when rally turns to riot, the town must learn to find a way to come together and look ahead, knowing that the State of Hockey has been forever changed.



Hummingbirds (short) Music by Edison Hong, Libretto by MandaLeigh Blunt

The Graveyard (short monodrama) Music by TJ Rubin, Libretto by MandaLeigh Blunt

Flood Waters (short) Music by TJ Rubin, Libretto by MandaLeigh Blunt

The Hermit (aria) Music by Greg Moss, Libretto by MandaLeigh Blunt

Stand Alone Songs

Who Helps the Strong (Country) Music and Lyrics by MandaLeigh Blunt

Grey City Christmas (Jazz/Seasonal) Music and Lyrics by MandaLeigh Blunt

Hey, God (Country/Folk) Music by Melissa Miles, Music and Lyrics by MandaLeigh Blunt

Cottonwood Trees (Country/Folk) Music by Melissa Miles, Lyrics by MandaLeigh Blunt

Be the Light (Pop) Music by Jeff Wildermuth, Lyrics by MandaLeigh Blunt

Undertow (Country) Music by Kay Clark, Lyrics by MandaLeigh Blunt

Change in the Weather (Country) Music by Kay Clark, Lyrics by MandaLeigh Blunt

The Perfect Song (Theatre) Music by Casey O'Neil, Lyrics by MandaLeigh Blunt



By MandaLeigh Blunt


Lila is a budding graphic novel artist, who is about to compete in an original character contest with a grand prize of a publishing deal! However, when her arch nemesis steals her idea, she only has as week to come up with a show-stopping, legacy-carving new character to debut at the Geek Mecca and most celebrated day of the year: Comic Con! All this is complicated by the recent arrival of her fashionista-wannabe cousin, who just does not understand any of this "fan stuff." A thickly geek-laden comedy, FANGIRL is about fandom, family, friends, fun, and finding your tribe.